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Floor Cabinets

Floor Cabinets: Display Units and Storage Cabinets

Today’s style of living demands for increased display and storage, in the form of floor cabinets, wall shelves, hanging cabinets and corner cabinet units. Cabinets are required to display, conceal or store away things such as foods, apparel, medicine, tools, books, precious display, crockery, linen, etc., and the way we live and shop now reflects in the amount and type of storage space we utilise.

Floor cabinets are important elements, and they add character and style into any room of the home. They differ from other cabinets and shelves because they sit firmly on the floor and don’t need fixing or securing onto walls. They range from the basic and simple fitted units, to the classic and stylish standalone cabinets that dictate the theme of any interior space.

Fitted or Unfitted Floor Cabinets?

That is the dilemma of homeowners. The choice is between standalone units or built-in fitted units which are produced in a variety of materials; oak, cherry, ash, beech, pine, and mahogany, white wood, stainless steel, veneered and laminated boards.

The success of fitted kitchen floor cabinets is in ensuring the right combination of units to create an efficient and functional kitchen. For example, there are the pull out larders, cabinets with swing out carousel units for tight corners, cutlery drawer units, deeper gliding drawers for sauce pans, and cabinets with pullout baskets. Also, narrow cabinets can be fitted into otherwise dead space.

The unfitted cabinets include island units that form a central piece in the kitchen (possibly fitted with a cooking range), vegetable rack units on castor wheels, mobile butcher’s blocks and slide out chopping board standalone units.

Bathroom floor cabinets are generally fitted in today’s modern bathrooms. To maintain an immaculate bathroom interior, installing concealing built-in bathroom cabinets is a must. They are essential for storage of the many items required of the bathroom and include fitted sink cabinet units and units to store folded towels, toiletries and things like handheld bathroom appliances.

And then there are the standalone bathroom cabinets which include units such as the old pine washstand, the sink cabinet or the traditional wood chest.

Other floor cabinets required in other areas of the interior include storage cabinets for the dining room like streamlined built-in cabinets with glazed doors, the conventional mahogany sideboard units, and the classic display units for precious crystal and china.

Main features

Most floor cabinet measurements are kept between shoulder and hip height, to avoid overt stretching or bending to reach frequently used stored items, but their widths and depths may vary from about 30cm(12 inches), to 60cm (24 inches).

Standalone cabinets come with single or double drawers (with adjustable shelves) or with deep or shallow drawers. The built-in varieties on the other hand may come as fitted single units, with the doors as many as one wall line can fit.

Asides being excellent for storage facilities, the tops of these cabinets can also serve as a surface to place a table lamp, objects of décor, or even framed photographs.

So, even though there are a variety of design styles, sizes, materials, finishes, and uses, it is good to know that homeowners can always change or improve the theme of a room with beautiful floor cabinets.